Our Regulations 


We apologize in advance for imposing these regulations, but in order to maintain the good functionning of the business and all of our clients satisfaction, we need to establish a few rules.

Once the contract is signed, Limousines de l'Estrie requires half of the total amount indicated on the invoice. The other half of the amount, namely the full amount of the contract, will have to be paid maximum two weeks prior to the event. If this clause is not respected, it could lead to an annulment of the event and the deposit will not be reimbursed.

General regulations

  1. It is strictly prohibited to smoke in all of our vehicles.
  2. If the length of the drive exceeds the length that is mentionned in the contract, additional fees can be charged.
  3. Each person must conduct themselves in a good manner, in order to prevent the driver of any distractions.
  4. Limousines de l'Estrie is not responsible for a client who does not respect the laws within a vehicle.
    Any fine given to the person for his/her behavior, will be paid by the client.
  5. Any expenses brought upon Limousines de l'Estrie for broken of stolen things and fees for unusual cleaning of the vehicle, inside or outside the vehicle, will be billed to the client.
  6. Parking fees will be billed to the client.
  7. We are not responsible for broken, lost or stolen objects during the drive.
  8. If an event is explicitly attributed to Limousines de l'Estrie and prevents the execution of the contract, Limousines de l'Estrie agrees to completely reimburse the client. (taxes and deposit included).
  9. Limousines de l'Estrie guarantees to keep all personnal information confidential and it will not be disclosed to anyone or any organization.

Quebec laws on limousine transportation

  1. The law that govern the transportation by limousine is the Act respecting transportation services by taxi. Anyone who makes a limousine service outside weddings, funerals and baptisms with a car less than 30 years old (in accordance with section 3 paragraph 4), which does not have a taxi license (starting with TS) is making illegal taxi.
  2. A limousine shall not carry more than 9 people at once (including the driver) even if the vehicle has more dedicated place and safety belts (Criteria to be met, taxi licenses).
  3. It is forbidden to consume alcohol in a vehicle. (section 443 of the Highway Safety Code).
  4. Each person is obliged to fasten their seatbelts inside the vehicle (section 396 of the Highway Safety Code).
  5. A passenger can take place in a vehicle manufactured before 1973 even if there are no seatbelts to its position in the vehicle (section 426 of the Highway Safety Code).

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